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When you don’t know whether to laugh or cry as a parent!

You don’t have any idea how it feels like to be with kids. Until you become a parent. No matter how dangerous or how formal the occasion is. Kids will be kids.

Kids nowadays are more intelligent than the kids we have seen in the early period. Cause these kids are always trying to learn something with curiosity. Those kids who are learning with experiments of their own will change the world for sure! Do not forget to keep your kids in the safe zone…!

Maybe your kid belongs to those who are in this collection. If you see yours like this, what would be your emotion? ( I challenge you, try not to laugh!)

1. “So you see… I let my footprints be there forever!”

© kovikovi144 / reddit

2. When your daughter thought that it was her! ( That is my little one! Kissing his twin in the mirror!)

© Trampolice / reddit

3. He is feeding his toy dog with goldfish; by the way, the real one who needs to feed is, sitting outside, pissed!

© forester1983 / reddit

4. “Who told you that one straw at a time? “

© IAmCanadian / reddit

5. Of course, how could someone be a “mother” without having a baby? That is the point!

© Why1sGam0Ra / reddit

6. I just feel like I need to wait for 45 years!

© CFearon615 / reddit

7. When you, spending the night watching cartoons, and accidentally caught to your mom at 3 AM!

© picc / imgur

8. I just caught “The immortal god of Legos” is sleeping on his territory…

© dreadpirateciv / imgur

9. “I think I can explain… just let me.”

© mjonesbulldog / imgur

10. You just need to balance your life, like how she is balancing the tasks. (Multitasking-Pro level)

© KentuckyforKentucky / reddit

11. We are out for dinner, and our daughter is like… “it is the best time to try this”

© thegreatbarcia / reddit

12. He washed his hands and then, hanging there helpless.

© fiteMILK / reddit

13. This is where I found my daughter when playing Hide and Seek.

© 11BINF / reddit

14. Believe me or not, that is not just a chalk square. It is a PILLOW! And she is on a nap.

© mpbishop / reddit

15. Kids taking snaps in Van Gogh be like…

© Ka_paw / reddit

16. She likes to sleep in random places with her own kind of comfy bed. Found her sleep in a Costco tote/container.


17. This little “Piggy” has chosen her own clothes and watching her big bro get on the bus!

© MatthewSmith58 / reddit

18. This is how the Statue of Liberty covering with mud around her.

© Fruitlessbox / reddit

19. Let me explain this. These kids were asked to dress up as elves for their school play. See that one who dressed up as Elvis?

© ChickenFilletRoll / reddit

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