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A mother’s love is real, may it be animal or human.

In this TikTok shared by a mother comforting her baby, she suddenly notices a deer has just run out of the woods to help her out. With over 27 million views since, you understand why people are falling in love with it. Babies cry for any number of reasons, and at times, it’s difficult for even their mothers to calm them down. A while ago, Hanna Burton went through the same ordeal, and she also came across a scene she would remember all her life. On this fine day on the deck of their house in New Lexington, Ohio, Hanna’s newborn Charlie, was crying.


Charlie was on a blanket right on the deck, with Hanna patiently trying to soothe him, when suddenly right from the forest, a deer comes sprinting right towards Hanna and the baby. The woman understood the deer’s intentions and tries to assure the deer that everything was alright, whereas the deer, following its maternal instincts, rushes to help.


In the TikTok, Hanna can be heard saying, “Nope! Nope! Nope! This is my baby. This one’s my baby. Hi, momma!” All the while, telling her baby boy, “She thinks you’re her baby.” She shares this footage on TikTok which goes viral, with the caption: “When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside.”


Although most hearts melted after watching the video, some criticized the mother on how she handled everything. Hanna later went on to explain the whole situation, and even went on to share a photo of Charlie happily sleeping on the deck. People also debated on the reaction of the deer, and one person went on to explain: “Deers are protective, probably thought it was a smaller animal in distress. They’ll do everything to protect rabbits among others. They’re so kind-hearted!”


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