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Scuba diver cuddles a Port Jackson shark that became friends with him for seven years!

The friendship between humans and animals is very interesting. And most of them are adorable. Now, who else has friends underwater! Look at this awesome friendship between them.


Rick Anderson has to strap on an oxygen tank, put a regulator into his mouth and dive into the ocean to visit his friend who lives underwater. This strange friend is a 6 foot long female Port Jackson shark. She doesn’t even have a name and, he recognizes her by her marks.


The shark also recognizes him. he says that he has started playing with her around seven years ago. At the time, she was a pup of 6 inches long. He says that he approached her and softly patted her. He has done this each time in the first season. After that season she has recognized him and, she needed the pats and cuddles. At first most of the divers haven’t believe what they are seeing. But Rick has treated sharks like if they were dogs.


When looking at the Port Jackson sharks, they are a lot smaller than great white sharks. The media often portrays wrongly that sharks are a danger to people. But in reality, people are far more dangerous to sharks.


Anderson has been scuba diving for more than 30 years and runs a dive school. He adds that sharks are not always mindless murderers who are waiting for humans to enter the ocean. He says that he always felt comfortable swimming with these animals.


“I have always felt comfortable swimming with these animals,” he said.

Anderson cuddling with a banjo shark | RICK ANDERSON

As the PortJackson shark is seen to get enough of Anderson, he is always open to cuddling her! Even after s many years! hope their friendship would last forever!

Anderson diving with a grey nurse shark | RICK ANDERSON

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