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Pet breeds that look cute but actually not- explains a vet

Whenever we look at the cats and dogs the first thing we care about is their cuteness. There are a lot of cats and dog breeds are there, look cuter than other breeds. But do they really that much cute?

“This is not cute. This is cruel” Cat the Vet, a UK-based veterinary surgeon announced on her TikTok channel while showing a pic of the cutest Persian flat-faced cat in the background. Even this adorable cat has an Instagram page with thousands of followers. Now, are you curious about why is this cat is cruel!

This series of videos “Cat the Vet” exposes all the popular and cute pet breeds that suffer from very serious health problems. From Scottish fold and flat-faced dogs to munchkin and Persian cats, whole videos will give you a whole new perspective on cuteness.

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1. Scottish Fold Cats

cat_the_vet,Mihai Matei

Looks adorable! But do you know why they are folded? The reason is they have got weak, rubbish cartilage in them, and it makes them collapse under their own weight. Every single joint of our body contains cartilages. When you have weak cartilages in your body it gives you Arthritis. It is a painful, debilitating joint condition, and we are breeding deliberately into these cats because we think that their little ears look cute. But the cat spends most of its life totally ends up being euthanized early, it cannot even walk.

When you see the celebrities using these cats for advertising it is better to let them know that this is cruel!

2. Flat-faced Dog Breeds


They are wonderful pets but on the inside, they suffer a lot. They normally suffer from breathing struggles, starting with nostrils that are often just tiny little slits, and their faces may be flat on the outside. But on the inside, they often have many issues as a dog with a normal length nose, and they can comprise their airways.

Most of them fall asleep with their toys in their mouth. Or maybe their heads propped up. They do that when they relax all the extra tissues at the back of their mouth completely collapse. Without the toy propping up they suffocate while they sleep.

They have many skin problems too. They have sweaty itchy skin folds. Also, painful dental decay is common because the same amount of teeth as a normal dog is jammed into this tiny space in their mouth.

Also, they have spinal abnormalities, and that makes them struggle to walk and become paralyzed.
Their cute bulging eyes mean they frequently suffer from painful eye problems too.

3. Munchkin Cats

cat_the_vet,Tasy Hong

They have got a genetic mutation that makes their legs literally short. Normally cats are active creatures like they love to run and jump and play. Munchkin cats still have the same instinct but they can’t do it much.

X-rays show how deformed their limbs and joints are. Comparing normal cats, they have smooth and straight limbs and Munchkin cats have short and twisted ones. Also, the elbow joints are horrible. It means that they are physically restricted and the joints are painful too.

4. Toad Bulldog, or Exotic Bully


The bulldogs also have terrible skin and awful health problems and make it worse! When looking at the limbs, it is elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, horrible arthritis that can be seen on them.

They struggle a lot to even walk. They are suffering in their entire life. In some countries producing them is also illegal. It is classed as torture breeding.

5. Flat Faced Cat Breeds


Their tiny nostrils inevitably make it hard for them to breathe. When they compare to a normal cat you will notice that their faces are narrow, pinches, and squashed.

Their skulls are misshapen and flat, and it can be lead to serious brain problems and even be fatal.

The flat faces also mean that the tears can’t drain properly, and it can leave them with really sticky, dirty, and painful infects skin on their face.

And the big eyes are also vulnerable to problems because they are sticking out so far.

6. Pekingese Dogs


Because of the way they look, they are suffering. Their flat skull means they suffer from all of the problems like eye, breathing, and skin fold problems.
When you compare their skeleton to a normal dog, you can see there are many mobility problems as well.

The Pekingese are vulnerable to overheating, mainly because of their huge coat and also because of their flat faces.

And when looking at the comment section, many people felt like it is an important problem. They also shared some thoughts on this.


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