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When Dogs are Truly Mans’ Best Friend

This year, Bob celebrated New Year with his loyal and intelligent golden retriever Kelsey. While watching a football game, Bob noticed that his firewood had run out, so he decided to go to his yard and get an extra bundle, wearing only slippers and a thin shirt. He didn’t notice that it had severely frozen at night, and that there was a crust of ice covering the ground.

Not knowing that the ground was frozen, Bob slips, falls and injures his cervical vertebrae. As his spinal cord suffered from the fall, he was instantly paralyzed, not being able to move a muscle.

He started screaming, and Kelsey, hearing her masters’ screams, runs out of the house and warms her owner’s body by constantly licking his face and hands, so his skin wouldn’t freeze. All the while, Kelsey howled and barked with all she had for help

As Bob lived on the outskirts of town, for the next 20 hours, there was no help. Although horse and losing consciousness by morning, Kelsey kept on barking and keeping him warm with its body heat and fur. Nearly a day later, the barks and shouts were heard by a neighbor who finally called for an ambulance for Bob.

After being taken to the hospital and having an operation, the very next day Bob’s sense in his legs and arms returned. Doctors were amazed and surprised that after spending 20 hours in the snow, being cold and unconscious, that Bob did not get frostbite.

It was a unanimous decision that Kelsey girl gets all the credits in saving Bob’s life.


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