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Man drives over 1000 miles to help a dying woman reunite with her dog

You should be proud if you have a kind heart. Because those kind-hearted people are the ones who make the world a better place.

This story starts with a woman who lives in Burnsville. She was learning about her incurable illness. She had to live a couple of months so she decided to move to Washington with her beloved dog to live her last days with her best friend’s home.

She needed to spend her short life with peace and surrounded by her beloved souls.

But the most important part of her plan vanished when she get to know that she is not allowed to take her dog with the airline. Because of the respiratory issues, the airline rejected transporting a dog. She was devastated and had no choice. But she gave her dog Bailey to the vet clinic where she was promised to find a way out to return the dog to her.

Then the clinic informed the local rescue center about the woman’s situation. The dog had to be with her foster parents Ryan and Shakopee until the rescue center find a way to solve the situation.

Finally, they came up with the best solution ever. Ryan decided to drive to Washington with Bailey! that is the best gift someone can give her at such a moment!

The journey consisted of about 27 long hours and that is not just a journey but it is something a kind act he made by the name of humanity.

Ryan was so glad that this two will be reunited again. Bailey on the other hand was a good passenger and a perfect travel partner!

Unfortunately, he was not able to see the touching moment of reunion as the ill owner of Biley’s was at the hospital at that time.

But he was happy for having the opportunity to help them! He is happy about helping her to spend her last hard months. Such a kind-hearted one he is!


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