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The mistreated dog is welcomed by a new family and finds a haven with a 1-year-old toddler

Everyone needs somebody. You might say no. But deep down we perfectly know that having someone by our side is always a bliss.

Same thing goes with animals. That’s why sometimes humans and dogs have this amazing bond which lasts till one dies.

credit: wellettas

This story is about Nora, a she-dog and Archie, a 1 years old toddler. And their friendship happened from the very first moment they met.

credit: wellettas

Nora has been mistreated by her former owners which made her mentally damaged. As a result, she was always scared, confused and afraid of everyone.

As her life was a hell, the day she met Archie was the day her life turned upside down.

credit: wellettas

The innocence of the baby, his calmness brought Nora her life back. So they became inseparable with time.

credit: wellettas

If you want to meet Archie, you’ll see that Nora is also there. When it’s Archie’s bath time, Nora is next to him. When it’s eating, it’s just the same. So this closeness made Nora forget and overcome her traumatized past.

credit: wellettas

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