The largest Orca pod ever caught on camera- is it a meeting of Orcas!

Have you ever seen this kind of Orcas swimming together at once! Well sure that is not! Because this was the first time that much of a huge pod was captured in a camera!

An incredible moment of these killer whales has been captured off the Norwegian coast. The fact is the number of whales is approximately 300! The footage looks scary!

Credit: Whale watchers encounter a group of over 300 orcas

Usually, these kinds of predators stay in small groups. This massive pod was initially spotted by a wildlife guide. At the very first they thought that they may be part of the same family. But when they noticed that the number was getting larger they put the idea behind.

The Orcas also gather in large numbers when the mating season starts. Anyhow, they are very secretive regarding their breeding habits, such a gathering which is a huge one has never been seen before.

Credit: Whale watchers encounter a group of over 300 orcas

They noticed a large number of marine birds were fleeing over spilled the beans about the orca meeting! They also figured out that there is a fishing fleet was nearby. So they swim for that way to get feed. And also these waters very reach in herring which is Orcas favorite meal. When the fishing season begins they gathered here.