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When a lady leaves you for herself, she won’t be back.

Well, fighting with your partner is normal. Having arguments are normal. But what’s not normal is being with someone who makes you feel like shit. 

Have you ever had a hell of a breakup that feels like your whole life is draining out from you?  You can’t sleep, eat or go out and simplify your life is a living hell. It’s not living. It’s just breathing.  This phase can last for years. Trust me. The more you love, the more you suffer.

It’s not gonna be easy. I guarantee you. From this ‘walking through hell’ phase, you might have realized that your life changes as you have never imagined. You get used to pain, willingly or unwillingly because once your heart is broken, it will never be the same.

With this closing chapter, you will realize that you are changing. With time, you will believe people less and will start to use the brain (fortunately!). So when the time comes, you will find another ‘The One’ from God knows where. But are you the same person? No darling. You are matured now. So it doesn’t matter whether this is Mr. Perfect or not because for you what matters now is ‘YOU’.

Even if you are in a relationship, you will know when to leave him if it’s not gonna work. You know what you deserve and you will never settle for less. This is the miraculous result you get for loving someone who never loved you back. So, when you leave someone, you are leaving him in search of yourself. Your gut will tell you that this man cannot make you happy. That’s it. There’s no point of trying to change him because that’s the way he is. So you just leave the table and never returns because honey, if we want to survive we have to take care of ourselves first. because no one is coming to save you.


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