Woman Clips Camera To Bird Feeder And Captures 25 Amazing Images.

For the many people who love watching them, wild birds are real delight. 
Lisa, who goes online via Ostdrossel, recently discovered a great way to catch these beautiful creatures in depth by installing a bird feeder camera on her own. Shortly after she moved from Germany to rural Michigan in 2012, she was excited to see a large group of birds in her backyard. She has thus begun to capture the beauty of her bird community.

“There was so much color and diversity, different from what I was used to in city life,” she said. “I wanted to share them with my family in Germany and so I started feeding birds and taking photos.”

Anyway, with the passing of time, her hobby has steadily turned into her passion. So she had a weatherproof box set up to make perfect close-ups. These 25 are our favorites!

“I enjoy seeing the beauty of the bird anatomy, the delicate patterns, the feathers, the colors, and of course their antics,” she said.


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Yeah, what an extraordinary show of mother nature. With these caring guests, Lisa is impressed, and so are we. Stop for a minute and try to look at the beauty around you for a moment.