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Talking to yourself can be a sign of great intelligence.

Whether with our closest friends, with our relations or with ourselves, it will be a good idea to conduct a good and enthusiastic conversation to motivate us.

But talking to yourself, using your own name can sometimes may sound crazy

Sometimes, when I talk to myself, it is very useful and I feel that I am not here in this particular place. And I realize that people are watching me. I hope you understand what I am saying.

Unfortunately, most people do not trust themselves before moving on to others. They are afraid to open up to others.

While we take into account the fact that internal dialogue is a negative thing in society, researchers have shown that it was a sign of superior intelligence.

The quarterly journal of experimental psychology has investigated that it has been shown that internal dialogue helps your brain to understand and successfully face a situation. Talking to yourself will help us remember and understand our learning.

In a study conducted in 2011, 20 participants received an item to search the scoreboard. They were instructed to think and talk while searching for the object.

The results showed that the participants talked to each other and not only found the object, but also couldn’t understand it correctly. In addition, this research indicates that their memory level has increased.

Studies conducted by the scientist at the University of Bangor in the United Kingdom have revealed that the self-talking will increase intelligence and help to gain memory.

The participants received material to prepare them aloud and in silence. After that, the researchers studied their memory level and performance. And the results have been amazing. They concluded that participants were more specific in remembering their words and that their level of concentration was high.

Psychologist Paloma Mari-Biffa, co-author of the study, said: “Simply understood, auditory controls appear to be better drivers of behavior than written ones.”

He also said that speaking out loud could be “a sign of high cognitive functioning.”

It is useful for us to talk to organize our thoughts, emotions and memory. Talking about oneself is an additional benefit, according to Dr. Mari.

I hope it was athletic and that tennis players speak for themselves when they compete. Maybe it’s much more than unusual behavior. A good conversation will always bring improvements in ourselves in every way.

The others will laugh at you, thinking you are crazy, but do not be sad, science is always there to show you that you are far ahead of others.


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