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Two brave fishermen save two drowning bear cubs.

This is a story from 2017 but will be in their memory forever!

On that day, a mother bear and her two cubs swam across the lake in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. But halfway through, the bear mother realized that she is no longer strong enough to swim and turned back. But the cubs continued to swim for some time. After a while, unfortunately, they began to drown.

But luckily, there was a fishing boat nearby and, the cubs realized that it was their only salvation.

They tried to cling to the boat with their paws and teeth as much as possible. Their tired and frightened eyes begged for help at the moment!

The fishermen on the boat were afraid of wild animals. But they were watching the incidence. They came quickly for their help without hesitation. As we all are living beings in the world, they did what they could do in that dangerous moment.

They dragged the bears with difficulty to the boat using the equipment they had. One of the cubs was pulled into the boat using a net while the other one held on to the net in the water; when one of the fishermen guided the boat towards the island where the mother bear was heading. It was a brave moment for them and also was scary.

Ruslan Lukanin, one of the fishermen, said that they didn’t forget to cheer up the cubs like children. As at the moment, they were exhausted and could not walk on their own, they thought that it would help them to recover soon. By the way, when they reach the island, they have seen that the bear mom swam away.

They hoped that the bear mom would be able to find her babies soon and live long with them.


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