This Majestic White Raven Owes This Stranger For Saving His Life

It was not a normal day for Errington in British Columbia. Especially not for this resident who lives in Errington when he suddenly realized a white raven outside the city when he was in a field. First, he was surprised by seeing this strange bird. But then he realized that the bird was injured. He was full of wounds and couldn’t even fly. That’s when this person decided to take the bird to the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre.

The staff of the center was surprised too with the arrival of this majestic creature. Yet, they noticed that his wounds are worse than they appeared and start to proceed with the treatments immediately.


“These ravens have been dubbed ‘the sacred white ravens of Oceanside. Unfortunately, there’s only been one that’s made it through its first winter.” Derek Downes from the rescue center commented on THE DODO.

The bird was moved to the intensive care unit as his condition got worse. He became weak because he wasn’t eating at all. In the ICU, they gave antibiotics and vitamins to heal the wounds and restore health. Eventually, with the right medication and love, he received from the staff; the bird started to show signs of recovery. Right now, this unique bird is in the process of healing and the staff believes that he will be able to fly soon.


“His body condition now is fantastic, and he flies a little bit in his enclosure. Really, really hoping we’re going to have some success with this one.” Downes commented.

A bird gets white feathers due to a genetic condition called leucism. Though it gives the bird an extraordinary look, this condition could be a life threat also. It’s found that leucism could lead to weak eyesight and even a weak immune system.

“It’s actually a leucistic raven. It does have a little bit of melanin, it’s not a true albino, which lacks all melanin. Unfortunately these ravens seem to have a very compromised immune system.” Downes further explained.