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These Orchids Will Blow Your Mind

Nature never ceases to amaze us. Where we look, there’s something in nature to astonish us. And, humans, though hardly do anything to save the remaining environment, always seek nature to console their minds.

We tend to focus on animals and landscapes, we care less for flowers because we see flowers wherever we go. Among the flowers which we call ordinary, there are some unique flowers. Orchids fall under this category.

There are more than 30,000 different species in this world. Some of them are banal while some of them can rarely be seen.   Monkey Orchid is one of them. This might be the most unique flower you have seen. However, this flower lives up to its name.

Dracula Simia aka Monkey Orchid can be found in the forests of Peru and the southeastern side of Ecuador. To see this flower, you have to hike your way back because these flowers can be found in the deep forest approximately 2000 feet above the sea level.

Carlyle A. Lauren who is a flower specialist and a botanist. In 1978, he christened the flower species. He referred that flower the flower petals are similar to simians and surprisingly have a citrus scent which will make you remind of fresh oranges.

There is no specific period for this flower to bloom. And sometimes they bloom one after another. 118 different types of this flower species can be found in Mexico, Colombia, Central America, Peru and mainly in Ecuador.

Though you like to have one of these at your home, unfortunately, it’s not an easy thing to do. For this, you have to have a specific environmental condition, like humidity up to 100%, colder temperature, and low light.

These amazing plants grow about 2 feet tall and you have to plant them in sphagnum if you want to plant them at home. It’s not easy if you have no experience in gardening. So, as a start, you need to get your feet wet with the orchids.