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75-year-old man spent 13 years turning a 150-foot hurdle into a dragon

Your hobby could be anything but you should really give some time to it. This is very important to help you relax and disconnect from work and other responsibilities. And also it helps you with your personal growth. When you practice something often, the better you can do it. It could be football, singing or turning a hedge into a dragon, the practice is perfect! Wait, a hedge on what?
John Brooker is a 75-year-old British pensioner. He spent the last 13 years of his life carving his huge hedge. Shrubs 150 feet long extend along his house and other properties he has  rented .
“One day I was in the kitchen sink and I thought the hedge was boring, so I decided to do something about it,” he said.

Most of the time he devotes one day a week to sculpture and gardening. With its reliable scissors and size equipment, the results are incredible. But why a dragon?

“I think the dragon comes from my days in the army,” he said. “I did two tours in Malaysia, so the dragon must have been in my subconscious. I added wings and the top was pretty simple, but every year I add two more lines to define”. His wife Pippa, a retired graphic designer, contributed to the design elements. But, gardening is due to John and he is extremely proud of his work

John’s amazing talents come from 13 long years of practice. After all, if you make a mistake, you have to wait until the hedge grows back to correct it!