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Baby the Cat Loves her New Best Friend – A Stone Cat Sculpture

If you search long and hard enough, you’ve probably heard about the strong friendships that felines have. May it be with a dog, hamster, parrot, a duck, or even a horse. As these are living animals, it’s easy to understand the friendship. However, in the story we are about to unfold, this cat makes friends with someone, nay, something else.

Meet Baby, the 10-year-old cat. Already at a respectable age, her owners haven’t noticed anything unusual over time. She was like all common household cats; eating sleeping, and sometimes coming for a stroke. The only difference being, Baby didn’t have a tail, although it didn’t affect her character whatsoever.

That’s when one day, Baby’s owners remodeled their garden, and added a garden statue in the shape of a cat. Since this fateful day, Baby does not leave the cat-statue, while spending the entire day with it, or sometimes even on it. Although the reason for such a mysterious friendship is not clear, Baby has found a new friend in a statue.

You can see Baby sitting next to the statue, meowing and telling stories to her stone friend, while at times dozing off, huddled against the statue for warmth. However strange this was, the owners never ignored their pet cat, and how would we know whether she needed a friend for herself?

Even though a rather strange friendship, what makes her owners happy is that Baby is happy, meaning that nothing has to be changed. While it did give them a scare initially, Baby’s owners have now gotten used to this behavior.


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