This Spoiled 40 pound Canadian Lynx is the sweetest.

Wild cats are known to be and seen as dangerous and ferocious. Although this might be the case, most often they are just gentle giants. No matter how fierce they look, they are always kind and friendly in nature, and they always love a cuddle session as cats will always be cats.

Max is a Canadian Lynx who is a friendly, loving and wild feline. This 40 pound feline is an educational animal ambassador, and even with its busy schedule, this cat always has time for scratching. Born in a zoo back in 2011, this adorable wild feline had always interacted with humans. According to caregiver, Max is neither domesticated nor completely wild. Sadly because of that, Max would never be able to be free in the wild. This being said, he is one of the most spoiled cats if there ever was one. Max’s caretaker also goes on to say, “People always ask if Max could be released into the wild and the answer is no. Once an animal is born in captivity and been introduced to humans, they cannot be released.”

While domesticated cats live with their human compatriots or parents, Max lives in an indoor enclosure. Max’s human mother is a former zookeeper, and looks after him and gives him everything he needs. There have been so many funny moments captured on camera which have then been shared on YouTube as well. In these moments, Max seems to be quite a sensation. The purpose of all these captured moments is to educate people all over the world on how to protect these endangered species and the wildlife. On her blog, Max’s mom has written as follows: “He’s not a pet but an animal ambassador. He has been in the public since he was 8 weeks old educating and enlightening people.

We really need to stop and think about what we do to our environment. We need to slow our population down and consider our carbon footprints. We need to protect our land and oceans.”