16 Moments Where Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Dressed The Same And We Cannot Decide Who Slay The Outfit Better

I guess you have seen instances where Kate Middleton is inspired by the late Princess Diana’s fashions. It’s more like Kate is keeping Diana’s legacy alive through the outfits. And now people have started to notice the similarity in outfits between Kate and Meghan Markle. But both slay the outfits perfectly.

Here are 16 photos of Kate and Megan looking unique, elegant, and stylish in similar clothes.

1.Yellow midi dress

© Javier Garcia/BPI/, ©

2.In black dress

© BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM/East News, © Ian Kaufman/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

3.A tartan coat

© WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, © AFP/East News

4.Grey midi dress


5. The head-to-toe brown outfit

© Allstar/Richard Sellers/Mary Evans Picture Library/East News, © ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/East News

6.Lopsided navy hat

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7.White hat with white coat combo

© East News, © Andrew Parsons / i-Images/EAST NEWS

8.In the black blazer

© i-Images, NEWS, © PPE/SIPA/Sipa Press Russia/East News

9.Light-colored jacket and dark color pants combo

© GEORGE ROGERS/SIPA/Sipa Press Russia/East News, © Stephen Lock / i-Images/i-images/East News

10.In charm beige gown

© East News, © pool PA/Associated Press/East News

11.The lace dresses


12.Emerald green coat

© East News, © Mr Pics/

13.The pink lopsided hat

© PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS, © Utrecht Robin/ABACAPRESS.COM/EAST NEWS

14.Looking elegant in burgundy

© Andrew Parsons / i-Images/i-images/East News, © GEORGE ROGERS-POOL/SIPA/Sipa Press Russia/East News

15.A black coat

© East News, © IMP FEATURES/East News

16.The vintage red dress

© Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images, © Ray Tamarra/GC Images/Getty Images

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