Pistachio; the tiny cute puppy with green fur

Are there any rules in nature? Any thing can change in this world. Even in animal’s world you will find some, whose features can shake the world. The newborn pup in this story is a great example for that. Pistachio; this tiny cute guy got his name because of his green fur.

In a farm of Mediterranean island of Sardinia; an Italian farmer named Christian Malloccis welcomed five newborn puppies to his home.

Among these newborn puppies only Pistachio got unusual-coat-green fur while all four of Pistachio’s siblings had white fur. His name Pistachio matches it; right?

Because of this thing the green fluffy boy will be kept on farm and will be trained to look after the sheep in the farm with his mother. Meanwhile his siblings will find their new homes and will leave the farm.

There are two reasons which can cause Pistachio’s green fur. It may be due to biliverdin; a green pigment in the mother’s womb. It can be also caused when a doggy with light color fur gets stained by “meconium” in the mother’s womb; the earliest stool produced by an infant animal.

The green fur of puppies like Pistachio will not last forever. They are going to fade and will be completely gone. But it will not affect the doggy and he will still be adorable, smart and helpful as he used to be.

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