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An old pregnant mare gives birth to rare healthy twin foals

We have seen twins in the human world, but when it comes to the equine world it is a rare sight to see twins. Twin foals are an extremely rare occurrence and, it can happen about one in 10,000 cases compared to the 3 in every 100 for humans.

Among those mares that do get pregnant with twins, only about 9% will be carried to term. This 16-year-old American paint horse named Tiki gave birth to twin foals and they were lucky enough to be loved by the people!

The Mason family who owns Tiki already tested her babies with ultrasound. In Columbia City Indiana in 2011 she was able to give them birth at the Colney and Koontz Hospital.

The firstborn colt was 86 pounds. He has born about five minutes before midnight as a healthy horse. Then the filly was born about 10 minutes after midnight and was 59 pounds. The filly was the smaller one of the two, and was up and walking around after10 minutes of birth.

The fact is horses are not designed to produce twin foals. Her owners kept a close watch on Tiki because it is common that for mares of twin foals to abandon one or both of her babies. But Tiki never rejected Woodcock Pocket and Charming Opal. She became a lovely mother. As she became a mother in her 16 years, and not rejecting her babies has made her an adorable mother. It is not just beautiful and it is so rare.


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