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You have to look twice at this photo to find the dog

Now she’s there in front of you, then she’s gone.

Camouflage is a highly useful adaptation for many animals, helping them to conceal themselves from predators and avoid detection when hunting or foraging.

This dog had chosen the ideal position to blend in with the background, much like a great horned owl does against tree bark or a white hare does against freshly fallen snow.


A Reddit member named RB9k titled Lady Poppington recently went out to dinner with their dog at a family restaurant in England. Nonetheless, while there, the two discovered a surprising find.

Lady Poppington’s splotchy black and white coat made her hard to notice in normal situations, but she virtually disappeared into the 1980s-style carpet in the restaurant.

You can finally see her. And then you no longer do.

Surprised by Lady Poppington’s extraordinary ability to blend with her surroundings, her owner decided to post the news on Reddit. The locals were just as impressed; several had to look twice to find her.

“Wow,” one user said.

Another person chimed up, “If it weren’t for the leash, I don’t think I could have found the dog.”


Yes, that was true; Lady Poppington had accomplished a great deal by being herself.

Why did nature provide Lady Poppington a coat that would work perfectly in this peculiar setting? Her master has a notion about why she acts this way.


RB9K said in an interview, “I believe having a natural camouflage in a restaurant has its perks. Like secretly picking up crumbs or sneaking up on someone to give them a big embrace and a few scritches.”

One thing is certain, though: nobody will see her coming.


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