Completely changed puppy, who was Initially the Size of a Granola Bar

She is the most stunning woman on the planet.

The medical staff at Bryson Veterinary Clinic immediately recognized Guppy Hanson as a survivor upon their first meeting with her. A limb defect at birth caused the mother to reject her newborn Shih Tzu and beagle mix. Her owners abandoned her at the vet because they thought the little dog had no chance of survival.


The veterinarians on her team were optimistic, though, and came up with a strategy to aid the 4-ounce youngster.

The workers tried taking shifts overnight to bottlefeed the sick puppy at home, but it didn’t work out. After spending the first night with Guppy, her caretaker made up her mind that she would never leave. The dog had found her place and was completely at home there.


The moment Jess Lane’s mother brought the dog into the house was the moment she fell in love with her, Jess told.

The small puppy’s strength increased gradually. At about 3 months old, when she was finally big enough for X-rays, her family got a better look at the deformity in her leg.


An examination of Guppy Hanson’s leg revealed the absence of several bones, including the shoulder joint.

“But the vet said the leg could stay if it wasn’t affecting her,” Lane remarked.


Through the help of her family and their rescue dog, Libby, Guppy Hanson was able to maintain a healthy and happy life.

To paraphrase what Lane said, “[Libby] turned out to be a fantastic surrogate mother for Guppy.” She’d bathe her and shower her with affection.


At about 4 months of age, Lane noted that Guppy Hanson didn’t particularly react to loud noises.

Whenever we shouted her name, she never glanced at us, and every morning she woke up looking shocked, as Lane put it.

The family took Guppy to the vet, who confirmed their suspicions that the puppy was deaf.


Guppy Hanson, despite this, continued to enjoy life to the fullest. She grew more capable of overcoming her disabilities with each passing day.

According to Lane, “she had trouble climbing up the front porch steps.” However, as she has matured, she has mastered the art of jumping without catching her arm on the stairwell.

As a result, Guppy Hanson’s character has begun to develop. She’s discovering new interests, such as digging, and spending more time with the other pets at home.


Even though “you’d think she’d have difficulty digging with one paw,” Lane said that the dog actually had no trouble doing it. She is a big fan of digging.

Guppy Hanson likes to take stroller rides around the neighborhood and gnaw on her favorite toys and blankets when she’s not busy digging. She ends each day basking in the affection of her doting loved ones.

Every day my son gives her a big embrace and tells her, “You are the most beautiful girl in the world, yeah, you are!” What Lane had to say. He’s absolutely right!”


Guppy is now over 14 pounds and 8 months old. She’s grown and developed quite a bit since she initially joined Lane’s family, but one thing about her that hasn’t changed is her will to keep going when the odds are stacked against her.

In addition, her loved ones are appreciative of the opportunity to witness her further development.

Lane thought, “She’s such a fun little child. I simply can’t picture myself living without her.