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Woman’s House Ransacked and she Finds a Stranger on her Couch

In the end of October, in Hagen, Germany, a woman instantly noticed that something was out of place when she returned home. Her home was ransacked, and furnishings had been scattered left, right and center, and turned into a literal pigsty.


What has happened was that a wild boar had somehow managed to enter her house, and made himself comfortable while the woman was away. This snouted intruder had ransacked the house, perhaps searching for a snack, and ultimately got on the couch for a little nap.

The woman was utterly shocked to see her messy housemate when she got home. Describing the situation as “really unbelievable,” the Hagen Police had this to say: “[She] quickly closed the door and called the police.”


However, whatever said and done, the snouted intruder’s cozy stay would only last for so long. Upon arrival, the Hagen police were able to coax the 130 pound boar back outside.

The police also wrote: “[He] found his way unharmed over a fence, back into nature.”


With the help of the local police, the well-rested boar was finally back where he belonged.


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