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Breathtaking Encounter with Majestic Wild Lynx in Snowy Canada

Leona Klassen and her husband, Ron, were driving down a snowy road in Canada last weekend when they came across a scene they will never forget.

Five beautiful lynxes were out for a stroll in the winter landscape just off the road.


The couple just had to stop for a better look.

In an interview, Klassen had this to say: “We were stunned. Neither of us had ever seen a lynx, let alone five of them in a row.”


These infamously mysterious wild cats seemed unconcerned as Klassen began photographing them, their long, fluffy coats keeping them warm in the chilly February air.

She continues, saying: “They were calm and quiet. They were aware of our presence but seemed unconcerned.”

The woman and her husband watched as the lynx moved gracefully across the snowy landscape, getting a close-up look at their family’s dynamics.


Klassen goes on to explain: “They all came to a halt when the mother did. And when she moved, the rest did as well. The mother was majestic, almost regal. My breath was taken away by her!”

The breathtaking encounter ended when the wild cats crossed the road and continued on their way.


Although the lynx sighting was brief, the lucky couple will remember it for the rest of their lives.

The woman finally explains: “It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that neither Ron nor I will forget!”


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