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Shelter Overflows with Cats and They have Special Plan for them to be Adopted

Early this year, there was a call to the Meshoppen Cat Rescue, about 19 abandoned cats in need of a loving home.

However, when staff arrived at the scene, they were met with a whopping 40 fully black cats and kittens, and in an interview, shelter representative Paula Christine Foux had this to say: “They were all scared.”


After safely transporting all the cats to the rescue, shelter staff quickly vaccinated, spayed and neutered all of them.

When it was time for the adoptions, the staff at the rescue was very worried as to find them loving home, as in the shelter, black cats were very commonly overlooked.


Whatever the rescue did, Faux noticed that time and time again, the adoption of black cats was less popular.

Foux continues to say: “We have a very hard time adopting out black cats and kittens. We just think it’s because people are so superstitious. [The cats] are very loving, they try to make themselves known, but it seems like they just get pushed aside.”


The woman knew that she and the rescue had to come up with something big, and during one of her chats with her vet, she discussed about an event specifically for the black cats. They came up with the event “Black Cat Bonanza.”

In conjunction with a car show, the shelter hosted the bonanza. All those who poured in, enjoyed the time with the cats, and the vehicles that were on display.

With the successful end to the event, most of the overlooked cats found their forever homes, and they were extremely happy to care for them.


The Black Cat Bonanza event was life changing for the cats and kittens that were adopted. Now, these cats have the opportunity to shine and prove to everyone that they too, have so much love to give.


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