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Woman Saves Stray Dog and Gives Him the Best Gift

Bear’s bright grin can brighten the mood of every room he enters. The former stray’s optimistic nature and unshakeable belief in the goodness of humankind make it impossible to tell that he has endured so much.

This is exactly why Laura Forma, the founder of This Is Houston, adopted Bear, a dog who had been living on the streets for eight years.


“We located Bear, but he was quite scared of us,” Forma said in an interview. Someone identified a residence as being Bear’s and we went to talk to the owner as we pursued him. Eight years ago, she started feeding him.

Bear’s face was covered with a massive mass that Forma and her team could see as they got closer. It was became apparent that Bear need emergency medical care.


According to Forma, “he wouldn’t have made it another day on his own.” Surgery to remove the tumour revealed a weight of 3.5 pounds. What a shame that he had to carry that about for so long.

Bear’s problem wasn’t restricted to the size of his frame. In-depth diagnostic testing revealed that he was suffering from heartworm disease, heart failure, lymphoma, and cancer. Bear’s prognosis from the vet was between three and twelve months, but he was planning on staying with us for a little longer thanks to his newfound appreciation for kindness and affection.


Every week he visits the vet, and we’re delighted to announce that his condition has been stable for a few months, as Forma put it. As of right now, we see no indications of malignancy. The results are fantastic!

Bear will continue to receive treatment for his various medical issues, but according to Forma, you wouldn’t know it from his appearance alone.

“He’s nothing but sunshine and rainbows,” Forma goes on to say. When he first gets up in the morning, he paces around the house while smiling and woofing at us. In the mornings, he always has a positive outlook.


As a result of Bear’s endearing nature, Forma and her companion Tom have decided to adopt him permanently. The once-lonely dog is now able to go on as many car rides as he likes and receive as many cuddles and pats as he want.

It’s inconceivable that such a gorgeous youngster spent his entire life living on the streets, as Forma put it. He’s a constant source of hope that things will improve and life will go on. To have come through everything he did and yet be happy now teaches us a lot about resilience and perseverance. He offers us a reason to live.


Forma makes sure to treasure every moment she has with Bear, despite the fact that his cancer is in remission.

Forma expressed her gratitude for the “so much joy” that he had brought. Those around him can’t help but feel the joy and energy he radiates. It’s hard not to light up when you’re in his presence or even just watch him interact with others. You can tell when he’s not around because something doesn’t quite feel right. We feel compelled to fill his days with as many opportunities as possible to revel in life’s pleasures for as long as he is able.


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