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These Two Fur Brothers in Shelter Comfort Each Other by Holding Paws

Learn about Fritos and Ruffles. Those cute schnauzer-terrier mixes are a part of their mom’s rainbow-hued “variety pack” of pups. They’re close, and they grasp paws as a manner of communicating that’s just the cutest.


Here we go again, LA “Baby Mommas reached out to us needing us to accept them,” Sarrah Walton, the head volunteer at Humane Society of NWLA (HSNWLA), said in an interview. These puppies are exceptionally healthy, and HSNWLA took them in because “[they] usually deal with special needs puppies.”

It’s true that Fritos and Ruffles have eight other siblings between them, but when the mood hits, they always pair up and hold hands.


In his words, Walton says: “they all snuggle up tightly at any period of repose.” There was a cute moment here that was recorded.

We don’t know how often Fritos and Ruffles hold paws, but it seems to bring them comfort in the midst of the shelter’s constant hustle and bustle.

Aside from providing comfort to one another, Fritos and Ruffles enjoy playing with toys and relaxing on the soft dog beds at the shelter. Everything they do, they do together.


The group as a whole is warm and welcoming, Walton remarked.

The fact that “all rescuers” in our community cooperate to save lives is a blessing, as Walton put it. They will all have their shots, microchips, and sterilisations done.

Even though none of the 12-week-old puppies are adoptable just yet, Ruffles and Fritos will probably stay together anyhow.


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