Unadoptable Senior Dog gets the Best and Sweetest Surprise Party from Shelter Workers

In the past few months, Loco, a snarky senior dog, has reached a significant birthday. The employees at the Spartanburg Humane Society realised they had to do something special for Loco to make sure he remembered his birthday.


The entire staff gathered and sung to her, as described by Angel Cox, chief operating officer of the Spartanburg Humane Society, in an interview. “She was wearing a birthday hat and frilly collar,” Cox said. She tried the sweet potato cake, and declared it delicious. They also brought a Happy Birthday banner for her office door from the bakery that created the cake.

Lots of Loco’s favourites were there, but unfortunately, canines weren’t.


She’s quite selective in the people she associates with, Cox added. If she loves you, she loves you intensely. But she has a really strong aversion to anyone who she does not like. Moreover, she is quite intolerant of canine companions.

Aside from the fact that no dogs were there, everyone had a great time commemorating the almost two-year anniversary of the arrival of the fiery little nugget they’ve all come to know and adore.


In spite of his persistent health problems, Loco was surrendered to the shelter in 2020, and since then he has been its unofficial mascot. She has her very own comfy place to hide out, distant from any dogs or humans she might not like.

Cox explained, “We transferred her to a more comfortable workspace.” She has three or four dog beds, and she uses them all.

Loco has had a number of health problems during her tenure at the shelter.

“When she arrived, she was 13 years old, heartworm positive, and had thyroid and hip issues, so she was not a great candidate for adoption because her care would be costly for most people,” Cox finally adds.


After this, there can be no doubt that Loco is a formidable adversary. She is heartworm free, has routine vaccinations, and is treated with thyroid medication to ensure her good health.

She is slightly older than most of the people who live at the shelter, but otherwise seems to be in fine shape. She’s not seeking for a new home now that she’s a “office dog,” but she also isn’t leading a shelter dog’s life. Cox remarked that her feistiness is what makes her one of the most remarkable canine companions they’ve ever had.

Congratulations, Loco, and here’s to many more years of life!