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Woman reunites with her lost dog after two years

It is very sad when your pets are missing and you will feel like your favorite person is left. But sometimes, your destiny will give you another chance.

This woman who lives in Schuylkill country, Pennsylvania had a bad day 2 years ago. In 2019, a vehicle struck Aisha Nieves’ old house from Allentown. She thought she was living a nightmare but it was not! When it’s happening her four-legged friend Kovu went missing. They had a close relationship with each other.

She loved him very much. He used to go with her everywhere. But when she came home later that day, he wasn’t there to kiss her like he usually does. She was devastated when she realized that she might not see him again. Though she searched for him for weeks, everything was in vain.

After several weeks from the incident, Aisha got news of Kovu. But it was a worse one. Her pup was found somehow and, and bought at the Leigh County Humane Society, yet meantime another family adopted him. There was nothing she could do!

Two years later, Aisha decided to adopt a new pup. She started to look for a dog to adopt. When she was scrolling down the adoption list of the Humane society she came upon a pretty familiar face, Kovu. He was once again listed for adoption. Her heart pumped like it was jumping out of her chest and she knew she had to do even the impossible if needed just to reunite with her lovely old friend.

She immediately called the Humane Society and let them know about the situation. And there was a very emotional situation about to happen. She was sweating and shaking. She was scared he wouldn’t remember her because it had been so long.

But soon as Kovu have seen his favorite human in front of his eyes, all of her tears and fears turned into nothing. The loyal dog immediately recognized her and run to her! He started kissing and hugging her. She told him that he is going home! And she even didn’t forget to say sorry!


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