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Woman Lost Her Engagement Ring While Gardening Finds It 15 Years Later Around Carrot

Mary Grams lost something very important to her while working in her garden 15 years ago. Her diamond engagement ring was lost and she was never able to find it. You will not believe where the ring was finally found! it has recently returned to her life when her daughter-in-law was working outside. She was picking carrots for dinner.

Once she pulled a carrot from the ground, she immediately knew what she had found. Colleen found the ring that perfectly surrounds the carrot. If we did not know the whole story, we would have assumed that the carrot was preparing for its own wedding. Mary was stunned because she thought that the ring was lost forever.

You know what they say. The things we are trying to find tend to be in the last place that we look, mainly because we have finished the search at that moment. Leaving the jokes aside, this is one of the most incredible stories we have seen in a long time. It is one thing that the ring was found during a dig for carrots. Another thing is that it has perfectly surrounded the carrot in this way.

This ring had been in Mary’s possession since 1951. She received it from her husband, Norman, and even replaced it after losing it in 1966. She did not tell what had happened to her husband.¬†¬†Mary currently resides in Alberta, but the Armena family farm is still active.

The farm has been owned by the family for 100 years. Colleen realized that the ring belonged to one of her family members as soon as she was removed from the ground. Mary’s husband, Norman, has since died, but she will still going to wear it. More miraculously of all, the ring is still a perfect fit. What an incredible story.

Do you want to know more about this lost treasure? If so, be sure to watch the video below and take the time to share it with your friends and family. This is one of the most unusual discoveries we have seen and we simply cannot get over it. Congratulations to Mary and Colleen for locating this beautiful property again.