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Grandparents, People who survive in our hearts forever. Heartwarming relationship of grandparents and us!

Our grandparents never die, they will always live very alive in our hearts. We will always miss them, and we will again look forward to listen to their stories, to feel their warmth by our sides and to get that look by them which is filled with love and tenderness.

Grandparents often see their younger generations come to this world and growing up and they always keep close to their grandchildren in the process. But in the end the younger generation always have to see them letting go of this world and leaving everything behind. Most of the grandchildren has faced the harsh experience of saying goodbye to their beloved grandmother or grandfather, in their childhood.

Grandparents play a valuable role in everyone’s childhood. Their experience in this world shapes our spirits and train us to become a stronger person, even after they have passed upon.

In recent years grandparents are the people who are mainly responsible for raising the children in the family. With the busy life of the mom and dad the children eventually get closer to their grandparents sometimes more than their own parents. This relationship could be really strong that when a grandparent dies, it could affect heavily on the children’s lives. Today by this article we will discuss deep through it.

  1. Dealing with loss – saying goodbye to them.

For all adults who spent their childhood with a grandparent are truly privileged, but for the people who have not experienced the death of a grandparent in their childhood cannot understand how serious the situation is. In those cases these adults do not know how to handle the situation with their kids once the grandparents have passed. As most Psych pedagogues say the truth must be told  to your kids no matter how harsh it is without telling them other stories to diverse their attention or to handle the situation temporary. The young mind is fragile so it could break easily.

Most parents tell their children stories like how their grandparents became a star in the sky or such to avoid the children knowing the truth. But this is wrong the children have to understand the situation and must have the chance to give their loved grandparent the last farewell. Concept of death must be understood with these children in this situation and parents should train their children to deal with it.

If we give misconceptions to the child it will stick in their mind with a hope that their beloved grandparent might come back. And at some point in their life they will understand that we have misguided them through what has happened and they will fell that they have been lied . So it’s really important that in which way you explain death, in a religious way or a scientific way , it is really important that you explain the real nature of death , that they will not come back.

However this explanations should be brief and simple that it could be grasped by the children’s young mind. Also adults should not hide their feelings towards the situation. They should express the pain of the loss and guide  the children through it. At some point children will understand it and start discussing the effects of it with the adults.

Finally we should be very much aware of all the questions children ask at the situation and we should give very intelligent and rightful answers. Let the children learn as much as from the situation than hiding all the things behind a cover. Be there with the children to handle the situation as the loss of the grandparent is a complex situation than it looks for some children.

  1. Grandparents will always be present in our hearts.

-Grandparents might be gone, but their legacy and the experience they shared with us will be always there with us. We should carry their heritage with us and not let them die.

-For most of people grandparents are the people who held their hand in their first steps in their early childhood. So they will be there in our hearts forever holding us much stronger than ever.

– we will always feel their presence in the chair once they used to sit or the old hat they used to wear, they will always smile us at from all those old yellow pictures hanging on the wall. You will always see them still telling stories about knights and beautiful queens in the evening sipping a tea in a rainy afternoon, They are not gone, they are much more alive in our hearts.

– The knowledge and experience they shared with us will always remain with us, in our hard times we will remember them and we will think what they might have said to act in the situation. We will always see them smiling and telling us not to worry . They will be the unseen strength of our lives.

Finally as Hector in the coco movie says “our memories, they have to be passed down by those who knew us in life in the stories they tell about us” as no one is dead until at least one person in this world remembers them.


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