When woman’s chickens are in danger and her neighbors’ crows warn her, and she can’t believe what she sees

The 14 backyard hens owned by Analyse Vandermay-Baldwin lead quite happy lives. They run around the yard together during the day, and they each have a chicken run that they can retreat to when they need protection. Vandermay-Baldwin loves her hens and does all in her power to keep them safe; fortunately, she has some additional assistance in this regard from the neighborhood crows.

In an interview, Vandermay-Baldwin stated, “We have a murder of crows who dwell in our neighborhood, and we always see them around. We occasionally give them treats.”


In order to warn one another of impending danger, the crows constantly keep an eye out for one another and scream out loudly to one another. They frequently do this directly above where the hens roost, and it seems that the hens have been listening.

Vandermay-Baldwin recently saw the hens running for shelter when she was outside. She knew the crows’ call in the sky was their appeal for help while they were safely concealed in their run. While Vandermay-Baldwin peered around and immediately realized where the danger lay, the hens shrewdly listened to their crow buddies and kept themselves hidden.


Vandermay-Baldwin said that “two hawks were perched in a neighboring tree peering directly at the chicken run. The birds remained hidden for almost an hour until both hawks gave up and took off.”

Vandermay-Baldwin is eternally appreciative of the crows for protecting her hens. Although they are an unconventional neighborhood watch, they are undoubtedly effective.