When Woman Returns from the Store, Her dog’s tongue is Completely Blue

Rhonda Meeks drove up to the grocery store and dashed inside to get a water bottle one day. She had left her puppy, Lily, in the car, which had the air conditioning on. She was gone for about two minutes before climbing back into the car, expecting everything to be exactly as she had left it.

Instead, Lily’s tongue became blue.


Meeks broke out laughing, while Lily struggled to remain calm. She pretended as though nothing had changed, which added to the comedy.

“She didn’t look at me at first when I got in the car,” Meeks said in an interview. “All she did was glance out the window.”


Fortunately, the enigma of the blue tongue was not difficult to unravel. Meeks had left a blue Icee in the cup holder, and Lily had obviously felt it was absolutely fine to serve herself. Sharing, after all, is caring. Although the sugar in the Icee was not dangerous to dogs, too much sugar or sweetener might create health problems, so it’s better to avoid it.

Meeks honestly didn’t expect Lily would be interested in the Icee. Instead, the pup’s worst flaw got in the way.


“She just adores ice,” Meeks added. “She leaps up and runs to the refrigerator whenever one of us walks near it.”

A blue Icee appeared to be near enough to ordinary ice for Lily’s taste, so she jumped straight in, and unhappily, she was unable to conceal the evidence. Fortunately, Meeks was not upset. It was just too lovely and amusing. Meeks had a nice chuckle, and Lily had a great snack. In the end, everyone came out on top.