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When a Man is Lost in the Dessert, Rescuers Turn to his Dog for Help

What he accomplished was impossible for anyone else to accomplish.

Don Gregorio Romero’s disappearance from his Sonora, Mexico, residence at the end of last month caused his worried loved ones much anxiety. It is believed that Romero, who is 84 years old, became disoriented and lost his way while wandering out.

His relatives contacted the police for assistance after a fruitless search of the area.


Soon enough, however, Romero’s untrained hero would prove to be the best option.

Crews looking for Romero spent days combing the area but came up empty. Authorities even used trained tracking dogs, but they found no traces of Romero.

When search efforts for Romero’s whereabouts were fruitless after a week, they turned to the person who knows him best.

They went to Palomo, his dog, for advice.


A week after Romero’s disappearance, the area around his last known location was visited with Palomo, and the dog was roused into activity.

Palomo, apparently following the scent of his lost owner, set off across the desert to guide rescuers to him.


The loyal dog trekked over two miles across the harsh countryside, following his nose and his heart. Rescuers followed closely, hoping for a miracle.

They reported that Palomo “directed authorities through hills, roads, and ravines, to where Don Gregorio was.” This was according to officials in the state of Sonora.

The dog eventually located Romero, who was fatigued and thirsty but luckily still alive.


Romero was rescued and taken from the desert to a secure location. There was no question in anyone’s mind about who saved him from his terrifying ordeal.

“Today’s hero is Palomo, the dog that was lost and found by his owner.” Debora Mtz, a member of the searching group, prepared a report.


Following this, Romero was taken to a nearby medical facility to be treated for his exposure and dehydration. In that setting, too, Palomo’s loyalty to him shone through.

The dog waited patiently by the hospital door for his pal’s release.


Despite the widespread search for Romero, it was his relationship with his dog that led to his safe return, according to a statement released by state officials.

That pets adore their owners is undeniable, the authorities argued. Nonetheless, “El Palomo’s” affection “went beyond what was expected,” as it ultimately saved his life by directing security and civil protection elements and his relatives to his master.



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