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Small Face Peeks Out from Drain when Guy Passes it When Going to the Gym

“Her only want was to be liked,” we were told.

A little brown puppy wandered the streets of Bali, Indonesia, looking for safety. She discovered a crack or crevice that was just big enough for her to fit inside. A drain pipe’s entrance by the side of a major thoroughfare.

A dog that would eventually be named Charlie was waiting for attention. The temporary dwelling she had chosen was actually making things worse. Charlie’s hazel eyes peered out from the curb, but most passing cars were travelling too fast to see them.

But her good fortune didn’t last.


Lynn and her friend understood they had to be careful when rescuing the puppy since they didn’t want it to run into the street.

Lynn remarked, “We both were really worried because on occasion she would emerge from the hole.” However, she evaded our attempts to capture her.


In the hopes that dog food would entice Charlie out of the sewer, the two went to a nearby pet store and made a purchase. They waited after that. The puppy stayed in one place for nearly 24 hours.

We waited around for hours, attempting to get a hold of her, as Lynn put it. When we tried to leave, returning to the scooter, she came running up to us.


The normally aloof puppy gradually softened as if calmed by a gentle touch, and Lynn continues to add: “She settled down right quickly, and she didn’t even try to run away.”

Charlie went home with Lynn and her partner. Although they initially didn’t want a dog, they quickly found themselves deeply in love with their new pet, with Lynn also adding: “I think both of us understood in that instant that she was a member of our family now, but we never discussed it while trying to save her because our emphasis was simply getting her to safety.”


Charlie had no trouble adjusting, despite not having spent much time with people or in the shelter of a house. Almost immediately, she seemed to feel at ease, as if she knew she had finally arrived.

After some time in his new environment, “[Charlie] acclimated pretty nicely,” Lynn remarked. We gave her some time to rest and eat in peace, and the first time we sat down with her, she was hesitant but quickly warmed up. It was adorable how obvious it was that all she wanted was to be loved.


Whenever Lynn and her partner take Charlie out for a game of fetch or a romp in the yard, they can’t help but think about how well Charlie complements their relationship. This couple is now a family of three, something they never would have imagined happening.



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