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We Feel the Value of a Person Only When You Are Going To Lose Him or Her

“They say ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’ The truth is, you knew exactly what you had. You just didn’t think that you were going to lose it.”

Do you think a person would stay with you forever no matter how you treat that person?

And I guess you know the answer. It’s a no.

Yet, unfortunately we take people for granted. It doesn’t have be your partner. It could you mother or father or your sister.

Do you ever appreciate the burden your mother carries? Well most of us don’t. We think that being a mother, raising kids and managing the house are normal to her. But we have forgotten that she’s another human being just like us.

Do you wonder why people cry so much when someone they had, died? Trust me, at the end, you get hit with a wave of regret. You feel that you should have spent more time with this person, you should have treated well to this person and simply you feel ashamed about yourself.

You feel the value of a person only when you are going to lose him or her. And it’s a fact.

The people who have almost lost someone, yet, got lucky enough to have that person back know the feeling of losing someone. They know they have taken that person for granted and they’d do anything to cherish the moment before losing anyone again.

We should make a goal not to take anyone for granted. You’ll be guilty for taking someone for granted one day. So, not to have such experience, remind yourself that,

Nothing is permanent

Nothing will be till the end. Not your parents, not your house, not your money or not even your health. But, most of us don’t see this impermanency of the life. And we realize what we had only after losing them.

So, remember that nothing, nothing is permanent. All you have is now, not the next second, not tomorrow. And that’s exactly why we need to cherish this moment.

Expect nothing in return but appreciate every little thing

We expect that helping someone means he/she has to help you back. No. you’re wrong. They are not obliged to help you or be with you all the time. But, you have to help them as you can because you have the humane qualities. But, if someone ever does even a slightest help, show them that you’re grateful.

Express your love

“The little things are often the big things.”

You don’t need to buy luxurious gifts to express your love. Calling middle of the day and saying how much him or her, sending a flower bouquet for your mother of father would make them immensely happy.  Take every moment you have to show that you love them. So you won’t end up regretting not taking the chances you had, one day.

Cherish the moment

We are always carried away by ‘could haves and should haves’.

What does that mean?

We spend time thinking I could have done that, I should have told that and so on. So, we miss the moment we have now. And above all, we miss the person right in front of us.

Make yourself a promise not to worry about the things you have no control over. If it meant to be, it will be. Have faith on that.

Live today, not tomorrow.

Put your ego aside and tell, you love them.

Trust me, we are not promised tomorrow. So, enjoy and cherish the time you have now while you can.


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