Unique shot of a weasel cub riding on a woodpecker captured on camera

These amazing captures are actual photographs if you believe them or not! When you are at the right place at the right time, that means the capture is yours!

It is not a drawing or an imaginary pigment! It happened for real! You can see a weasel flies astride a real woodpecker.

This amazing photo was clicked by an English amateur photographer Martin le-May in one of London’s parks. It was an accident but if there was any mistake one of our heroes could become dinner for another.

Weasels may look like funny and furry animals, and also known as nest-busters. If necessary, eggs, helpless chicks, and also quite adult birds will be their meals!

Imagine carrying a predatory animal out of the nest! It was an amazing moment! The photographer was going to show his wife the woodpecker on that very day, and therefore during the walk, he was already prepared to take shots!

Suddenly they noticed that the woodpecker is landing 25 meters away from them!

And that exact moment the weasel got scared of people and it ran into the grasses and the woodpecker flew on about his business!

Such an amazing random moment is it!