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A Family of Bears is in Guy’s car When He Walks Outside in the Morning

As Chad Morris and his family were enjoying a quiet vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, his parents suddenly began yelling for him to come outdoors. He bolted from their cabin to investigate the ruckus outside and was shocked by what he saw.


A whole family of bears had gathered in the driveway, and it seemed like they were attempting to steal his automobile.

Morris states in an interview, “As soon as I saw them, they were walking up to my car, and the three cubs climbed in.”


While their mother kept watch, Morris’ three bear cubs had a blast playing in and around the vehicle. They rolled around on the floor, leaned out the windows, and fiddled with various objects.

As Morris and his dad watched from a safe distance, the bears seemed oblivious to their presence and continued destroying property and trying to steal a car.


Morris claimed that the locals were aware of him and his companions while they stood and snapped photos, but they never made any attempts to stop us.

After the bear cubs had thoroughly explored the automobile and determined it wasn’t going anywhere, they gently climbed out of it and attempted to steal the other car in the driveway.


Morris added, “They crawled out of the windows and two of them stood up next to my mum and dad’s car, but their windows were up.” They walked around the cars for another five minutes before resuming their trek down the mountain together.

Morris hurried over to see the damage as soon as the bears had returned to the woods, and he was astonished at how little damage had been done to his automobile, despite the fact that it had been attacked by three playful bear cubs.


Morris also states, “They tore a chunk out of the leather on the driver’s seat by the headrest, and left scratches in a couple locations on the interior.” My son’s football is covered with claw marks and also the top of my protein drink.

Fortunately, Morris’s automobile remained unharmed, and he and his family now have a wild tale to tell about the time a family of bears tried to take their vehicles while they were on vacation.


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