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Too sad to even lift her head, the puppy had been left tied to the fire hydrant

Suzette Hall was heartbroken but regrettably unsurprised when she learned that a tiny dog had been abandoned tethered to a fire line in a Southern California neighborhood. As the creator of Logan’s family dog’s rescue, Hall had just rescued a few children from that actual road, and this dog was yet another that her family had abandoned.

Her former owners left a container of food and water behind, but the person who called said the dog hadn’t touched either. Instead, she remained curled tightly into a ball from which she seldom ever emerged.


Hall intended to bring the dog herself, but she was unable to do it in a timely manner. She thus requested emergency assistance from a neighbor.

In an interview, Hall stated, “I contacted this woman I know who lives close by there and begged her to please go grab the dog.

The next-door neighbor halted what she was doing and moved toward the road corner. Sure enough, she attached an 8-month-old puppy dog to the line and christened it Cici afterwards.


Hall saw that the dog kept wrapping her leash around the line. The poor dog was restrained completely.

As the woman bent down to detangle her leash, unsure of what was happening, Cici barked. However, with Hall’s help over the phone, the lady was able to gain the dog’s confidence and successfully free the canine from her position.

Before putting Cici in the car, the woman picked her up with a soft mask and briefly rocked her. The dog’s condition deteriorated as they raced to the warhorse.


Hall remarked, “She became so ill in the car. She was too scared to consume the food they had left, so we assume she died from fright and a lack of food and water.

Fortunately, Cici arrived to Camino Pet Hospital in plenty of time. After consuming some liquids and receiving a ton of important-demanded affection, Cici felt significantly better.

Additionally, Hall says, “They covered her, and unexpectedly, she was alright. She finally began to cheer up.”

Cici created a lot of new musketeers at the sanitarium, but Hedy Herold, the office manager of Camino Pet Hospital, in particular, made her tail wag quickly.


Cici wags her tail whenever Hedy passes near her, according to Hall. She becomes quite irritated because she recognizes Hedy.

Cici has spent almost every day since arriving to Camino Pet Hospital curled up in Hedy’s arms, waiting for a clear medical report before beginning her next chapter.

The dog will soon leave the clinic to meet her new, temporary home thanks to recent approval for foster care. Cici is eager to one day own a home, but she is still looking for all kinds of affection.


Hall must leave in order to quickly locate Cici the ideal consanguineous family. It’s unbelievable what Cici endured prior to being saved, but Hall can see that the little, supple baby dog is doing just well.

The last thing Hall could say was, “She’s just so joyful. She is so sweet.”


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