Pit Bull with Scary Appearance Dons Propeller Hat to Help Her Find A Home

Only five twinkles before Bonnie was about to be put down, Grandma Betty’s Beast Deliverance rescued her from an original cloister. Her large, brown eyes told them she was the sweetest dog imaginable and begged for a chance to demonstrate it, and they were completely correct.

Volunteer Lili Follett began to take care of Bonnie after she was saved, and she soon fell in love with the cute pit dog.


She’s the loveliest, most religious dog I’ve ever encountered, said Follett in an interview. She is very trustworthy and enjoys meeting new people. She will unseemly swell her head on your stage. No matter what I was doing, she would follow me about my flat like a tiny duckling, never getting more than a few bases away! She would also wait for me to awaken each morning before coming over to get her morning pets. She would, however, approach me if I didn’t show her enough affection.

Follett went out to find the ideal match for Bonnie since she felt that any family would be so fortunate to borrow her. Unfortunately, she encountered a lot of worry and misinterpretation.


Follett adds, “Prior to the chapeau, most people would give us filthy faces and purposefully move off the sidewalk to walk around us, as opposed to just passing past us. The majority of folks were noticeably frightened or uneasy when they saw her. I came to the conclusion that she wouldn’t get married without a significant adjustment after observing how people reacted to her.

Follett devised a plan after realizing that many people simply couldn’t understand that Bonnie is the most affectionate dog around.

Follett got Bonnie a propeller chapeau to make her more accessible and allay people’s anxieties. Who, after all, could possibly be alarmed by a dog wearing a propeller chapeau?

Follett began bringing Bonnie out in the chapeau since Bonnie enjoyed wearing it, and she saw a noticeable difference in how others reacted to her almost right away.


Follett claimed that when others see Bonnie wearing the chapeau, they “smile, laugh, and undoubtedly try to interact with her much more.” Nearly every time I take her on a stroll, buses slow down and cry out their windows how adorable she is. Children are allowed to play with Bonnie by their parents more frequently. More and more people would approach us and want to pet her, which gave me the chance to start a wonderful conversation about fostering and supporting young children.


The propeller chapeau allows people to get beyond any inaccurate perceptions they may have about pit bulls and get to meet the sweet dog that lurks beneath, even if Bonnie is the same dog whether or not she is wearing it.

Follet went above and above to make sure that Bonnie’s true self could be seen by the public, and she had hoped that the propeller cap would lead her to the ideal house of her life, and it did.


Someone read Bonnie’s tale after she went popular on TikTok for her propeller chapeau and wanted to borrow her. Bonnie is currently waiting to be sent to her new residence in Virginia at Grandma Betty’s Beast Deliverance lodging. It’s the chic conclusion anybody could have hoped for, but Bonnie is unable to remain to start a new family, settle down, and go for many walks in her new neighborhood while donning her propeller chapeau.