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Dog Acts Blind To Ignore New Puppy In Family

Elle Nailga was concerned that her dog, Bella, could be lonely when she started working more than normal. She agreed that having a buddy around would be fun, so they adopted a small fighting puppy dog named Baguette into their home.

When Bella first encountered Baguette, she was quite anxious, and the brace quickly clicked. However, Bella soon discovered that Baguette had far more energy than she did and didn’t always know when to stop playing.

So Bella started hatching a scheme.


Nailga began to notice that Bella was having trouble getting on and off the couch and that she occasionally banged into it. She acknowledged that it was strange, but Bella seemed to be OK otherwise, and she wasn’t hurt or anything, so she didn’t think much of it. Effects increased as well.

Nailga stated in an interview, “One morning, I awakened Bella and Baguette to play cost. Bella did not want to chase the toy after it when I threw it. Bella was simply sitting there staring at me when I held Baguette to stay and tossed it, allowing me to think that maybe it was just because Baguette took it first. Although I pretended to be ready to poke her in the eye, she didn’t actually follow the toy’s path and she didn’t even blink! That’s when I became extremely angry and realized that something with her eyes was undoubtedly amiss.


Bella was taken to the warhorse by Nailga, and after several testing, they determined that she had severe blindness. The warhorse advised Nailga to take Bella as soon as possible to see an ophthalmologist. She quickly scheduled an appointment out of panic, but the outcomes were undoubtedly not what she had anticipated.

“The specialists told me they did a maze test with the lights on and off as well as a lot of other tests,” Nailga continues. Bella could still navigate the maze without running into any of the obstacles, therefore it was thought that she might not be entirely blind. They referred to her geste as being ‘really contradictory.

The ophthalmologist contacted Nailga with the results following some further testing, and in the end, Bella wasn’t blind at all.


He claimed that her eyes were flawlessly in working order, Nailga continues. Since this may be a behavioral issue, he questioned me as to whether anything had changed in her life or at home. When I mentioned that I had recently acquired a puppy dog, he finally agreed that Baguette was to blame. At that point, they discovered that she was attempting to avoid and ignore Birthstone.

Bella allegedly made the decision to demand a break from the new puppy dog and claimed to be eyeless in order to avoid having to play with her.


Since then, the brace’s mother has taken great care to protect Bella from the veritably bouncy tiny puppy dog, making sure she gets room and time to herself. Bella has become much more at ease with her new small family, and Baguette is learning how to set stronger limits.


The effects are now quiet enough that maybe Bella won’t feel the need to act like she’s blind again until the sisters are properly adjusted to each other’s ways.


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