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Beautiful Lynx walks the streets of Canada like it’s a catwalk

On a routine walk in Kamloops, Canada, one woman witnesses a sight she would never forget. At about noon on this unforgettable day, when she was out on a walk, Allison Burton spots none other than a huge wild cat casually strutting down her street, as if the road was a catwalk.

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Since this particular day was sunny, the street was bustling with people; however, the majestic lynx was not bothered by it at all. With all the people around, she struck a few poses and went on her merry way; as such an uncommon sight would only make everyone turn their heads.

Shyda ForeverFriends

In an interview, Burton says, “Honestly, he didn’t care about anyone around. There were people riding bikes past him. He was in his own world enjoying the sunshine.” Burton was one of the many who couldn’t believe their eyes that this wild, majestic feline was strutting along the street where she lived. Burton came to her senses quickly and took out her phone and snapped some pictures of the beautiful kitten.

Shyda ForeverFriends

Adding to the interview, the woman goes on to say, “I have never seen one in real life, ever. I was so excited and in awe just to see this gorgeous creature walking so close to my home. It was just so majestic and happy to be in its own little world, doing its own thing.” For the Kamloops residents, lynx sights are very common, as there were already several reports in this year for lynx sightings.


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