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This old dog who was in a shelter received a family at the request of the couples adopted son

In the guardian family 8 years old Robbie had a hard life and he was constantly humiliated. He was beaten and abused from birth. Then another family with kind hearted Maria and Charles Gay decided to adopt him. They loved animals and they had pets always in their house.

They always tried to take older dogs from shelters who rarely managed to get into foster families because of their age. And the adopted boy was touched by such attitude towards orphaned animals. He loved it and even appreciated.

An elderly dog chosen by Robbie was named Bufffy and taken into the house. One day at an appointment at the vet clinic turned out that Buffy had tartar, which caused him torment. Same time at the moment it turned out that the dog would not survived either anesthesia or sedatives. He was too old. He still had irreversible changes in kidneys. The only way out is painless sleep. Charles and Maria decided not to hide from Robbie that Buffy had little time left to live.

Maria followed the boy to school and she was touched by how he reacted to the sad news. Robbie said that he would like Buffy to go to the rainbow without pain. And torment and just fall asleep

The family all together saw the pet on his last journey. Maria shared some pictures of Robbie hugs the dog to say good bye, not letting her go. The story became known thanks to the media, which spread it through all channels.


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