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This caring man saves stray dogs in the Mexico City

We are living in a world full of innocent animals and some need help to survive in nature. In this case, some people have started helping animals. But not always they can have this huge heart.

In 2013 a kind-hearted man with a huge heart started his mission which is born out of his compassion empathy and kindness for stray dogs. This humble man is Edgardo Perros from Mexico. He helped homeless dogs and animals all over the country.

Usually, he takes a trolley and begins his 9500 miles journey around Mexico. He says that it is never too late for us to do something good. Even if there is no medicine or food, he tries to rehabilitate them with love and affection. Then he put them up for adoption.

He has helped around 500 dogs so far and he is only 900 miles away from achieving his goal. Over the last six years, this man has walked more than 8500 miles pushing a trolley full of foods and medicine for dogs.

This 49-year-old man says that he needed to awaken the people’s consciousness. He says that because of dog owners’ fault, they are live on the streets.

He says that the person doing it hurts him most than the battered hurt dogs. The dogs are his ever-loving friends. And all he spread was his love and protection for them. What he receives from this is non-other than happiness and self-satisfaction.


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