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This Dog Didn’t Leave His Injured Owner Until The Paramedics Arrive

Would you believe that a dog didn’t leave his injured hooman until the paramedics arrive?

Yeah, that’s true. 

Jesus Hueche who is 28 years old fell from a 6ft tall tree last Saturday while pruning a tree in front of his house.  

Tony, the pet dog who was saved by the Hueche family from the street stayed with Jesus until he was taken away by the paramedics. Mr.Hueche told that Tony and him are inseparable. Tony sleeps with Mr.Hueche in his bed. Tony is not just a dog for them, he is family.

Jesus Hueche who is 28 years old fell from a 6ft tall tree and guarded by Tony

Tony was barking and growling to the paramedic team who came to take Mr. Hueche. However, the team could convince Tony that they have come to help, not to hurt. Though Tony allowed them to continue the treatment for Mr. Hueche, he tried to go in the ambulance with his owner.

It was the medics who posted the photos on social media which went viral. Luckily, Mr. Jesus only got some minor injuries with a swelling neck. 

The dog who is not leaving his hooman

For Mr.Hueche, Tony is more like a son