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7 Definite Signs Your Man Truly Loves You


  • His priority is you


It should be ‘we’ more than ‘I’. If your man thinks of you before taking decisions, well then you are way luckier than most of us. When you are in a relationship, it needs to include both of you. So, if he’s making you a priority even amidst the chaos, you deserve him.



  • Spares time for you


No matter how long you have been with him, he needs to allocate his time to be with you. Investing his time and energy on you prove that he really needs you and loves spending time with you.



  • The way he treats


“Actions speak louder than words”. If he loves you, he will show you. This is a vibe we girls get. Someone can go on saying he loves you, but what matters is how he shows it. Sometimes, small things can make a big difference. The way he remembers what you like and don’t like show that he really cares about you. So sis, pay attention to the way he treats you.



  • He wants others to know about you


If your man shows he loves you in front of others, he’s proud of having you. He takes you to parties and meets your families and friends because he is confident enough to show that he chose you over the others.



  • He cares for you


No matter how low you feel, he’s always there for you. You can understand a person better how he sticks with you in hard times. If your man doesn’t leave you or make you feel alone when things get worse, keep him. Those kinds of men are rare.



  • He treats you with honesty


Your man should be someone who doesn’t hold secrets. He should have made peace with his past while sharing everything with you. And, he should be there to lift you up when everything else falls apart. And no matter what, truth should be told to have a better relationship. 



  • He wants nothing but the best for you


Your man should be someone who motivates you to see the best in you. He should inspire you to be the best for you and for your family. He should act as a father sometimes because you are going to keep your faith on your man after your father. So, choose wisely. Pay close attention to the way your man treats you and be with you, because we are living in a world full of actors right now. And as a girl, I would hate to see your broken by a man.