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This amazing man spends his time cuddling lions and tigers

When it considering dangerous predators, tigers or cheetahs are definitely on the top of the list. They may be kind of cats, but they are not actually the type of cats to be around.

However, that doesn’t stop this couple from spending time with them. Armand Gerber and his wife run the iron Throne Predator and Wildlife Park in South Africa. It is a 200 acres sanctuary. The couple spends most of their time with the most dangerous wild cats in the world. There are ten lions, three tigers; two leopards and a cheetah are happily live with other rescued wild animals.

According to them all of the animals are captive-born. 90 percent of them remain raised by their selves, but the most important thing is that eight of the lions come from a facility that was closed down for bad publicity. Armand says that they are rescues in their eyes.

They have got a forever home in there. He had to defend the fact that they own lions every day. But he says that if he could he would own all the captive lions in the world.

Armand loves his wild cats very much. He admits that all of his wild cats adore being cuddled and to play with their human friend all day long.

These animals are extremely dangerous and top predators. Armand is aware that working with such animals is dangerous too. But he declares that he extremely like to be in this position. However, he admits wild animals should be treated with respect.

When you look at him, you may think like he is crazy to do such a job. Or else is he testing his fate? Armand says that he does this for a living, and he does it out of love and trust. He says that he forgets how fortunate he is, to be able to work and love these dangerous creatures. He loves his cat family very much!


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