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Mother Deer rescues her scared fawn from the middle of the road

The heartwarming story that we are about to unfold to you today, is the most adorable moment when a fawn got scared and was stuck in the middle of the road, and its mother comes to rescue it. Eventually the deer was able to coax the fawn to move and both slowly made their way into the bushes. A passing by driver witnessed this entire situation and was quick to catch it on camera.

Jessie Larson/Facebook

Driving on a highway in Port Orchard in Washington, Jessie Larson came upon the tiny fawn, lying on the road, looking like it was unable to move. Jessie’s initial thought was that the fawn was hurt, and she wanted to get down and go help it. However, soon after her thought, she spotted the deer coming out of the woods and started recording immediately.

Jessie Larson/Facebook

When Jessie spotted the deer, she stopped the engine of the car so as to not scare off the deer, and then the fawn’s mother approached it who looked very scared. Cuddling the fawn to boost its confidence, and after a while the fawn got up on its feet and the mother and child walked into the woods.

Jessie Larson/Facebook

In an interview regarding this incident, Jessie states: “Most likely, the little guy got so scared, he just laid down on the road. I turned off my car to let them have a moment to calm down. After a few seconds, Mama came out and encouraged baby to get up and walk.”

Watch the heartwarming scene, here:


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