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The most humorous story between two lions in the Masai Mara Reserve

There was an incredible moment caught on camera of two majestic lions strolling through the Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya’s biggest wildlife park, and they were stealing the show. Pictures were captured where the two majestic lions were giggling. Amateur photographer Rose Fleming, from South Carolina was the one who captured these once-in-a-lifetime shots on camera.

The two lions seemed to be sharing an inside joke, when they eventually got extremely amused. The awestruck Fleming couldn’t believe what she was seeing, and later on she went on to describe what she saw as “freaking awesome.”

credit: Rose fleming’Mercury press

Rose is a 49-year-old textile designer from Spartanburg, South Carolina, and in an interview, she goes on to describe her experience: “We came upon these two male lions who were out on the Mara looking for some lionesses.

They caught a trail of pheromones, simultaneously took a whiff and had these looks on their faces when they picked up their heads.” Can you even imagine 2 of the most majestic lions walking down the Masai Mara, sharing a funny joke?

credit: Rose fleming’Mercury press

In her interview, Fleming went on to explain what she had witnessed; “Their faces look as if they were sharing a private joke that made them crack up laughing. It was absolutely freakin’ awesome. I have never seen that kind of behaviour before – not even on Nat Geo. We watched the pair for a couple of hours.”


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