Missing dog returns home in the middle of the night and rings the doorbell

A young couple from Greensville, South Carolina though that they had lost their beloved dog, but soon after they were extremely happy as the puppy came back to them in this epic way.

Mary Lynn

One day, after one of the neighbors set off some fireworks, the 18-month-old Rajah was spooked. This left Mary Lynn and her boyfriend brokenhearted as they thought that they would never see their dog again. They even searched for the dog everywhere in their neighborhood. Even after asking for help on Facebook, they were unsuccessful. However, hours later, Rajah found her way back home to his loving owners.


In an interview, Rajah’s owner Mary Lynn states; “She was in the backyard with our other dog and our neighbor started shooting off fireworks and I knew she’d be scared. I went to the backyard – and she was gone.”


At around 3 am that morning, May Lynn and her husband Ryan were woken up by the ringing of their doorbell. With no idea of what was going on, they opened the door to find Rajah, their beloved dog at the door. Luckily the doorbell camera had recorded this entire scene.

Mary Lynn goes on to say; “I don’t even know how she knew how to do that, I’ve never shown her how. Ryan was up waiting around to see if she’d pop up. He saw her on the porch, and he ran off and got her. She thought she was in so much trouble [for missing], but we were like, ‘We’re just happy you’re back.’ It was hilarious, and we couldn’t stop laughing.”